Bike Compatibility with Superwheel

The Superwheel is designed for efficient urban commuting and pathway cycling. Currently we have models for 28" (700c) and 26". We recommend using a hybrid or road bike to use with the Superwheel. We recommend using narrow flat profile tyres with the Superwheel. Please see our set of recommended tyres for more details. Whereas the Superwheel uses weight to improve your cycling efficiency, we recommend using on a bike with a rear rack. Carrying cargo makes cycling more difficult but this can be overcome using the Superwheel.

The we only have rim brake compatible models in stock at this time. Below are examples of compatible brake systems:

Disc brake mounting supports 6 bolt systems. IS style mounting tabs are required. Drum brakes are not supported.

We can supply a compatible gear set for your bike. Please let use know the number of gears on your right shifter. The superwheel uses the screw-on freewheel system. We use the freewheel system because it is more reliable and easier to install or remove. Most bicycle systems use a cassette system. Therefore, we can supply a compatible freewheel for your bike. Please note: freewheels are not available in 11 and 12 speed. We can supply 1 speed (non-fixed gear), 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 speed freewheels. Cassette support is under development to provide 11 and 12 speed compatibility. Internal hubs are not supported.

Screw on freewheelCassette

Wheel Mounting:
The Superwheel is designed for a standard 135mm dropout spacing. The axle for the superwheel uses the quick release system. Fat bikes are not compatible with the superwheel.

The Superwheel can be used with front motor and mid motor electric bikes.

Further questions:
If you have any further technical questions, please contact us.