Our Patented Weight-To Energy Conversion Technology(WTECT) comprises of the Spring mechanism and the Internal Drive system. The SuperWheel continually diverts the reactive force of your body weight (ground reaction force)to the springs on the upper section of the wheel during rotation. The spring compression (from approx. 9 to 12 o'clock position) and decompression( from 12 to 9 position), the impact on the rim section caused by the compresses and decompresses of the spring mechanism during rotation providing additional momentum for the rotation, combined with our patent pending - Internal Drive system, provides simple and reliable power assistance and makes for a comfortable ride.


  • Gives you more than a 30% power boost
  • Reliable, robust and low maintenance
  • Has no battery, charging or range problems
  • No Max. power assisted speed limit.
  • Power assistance is unlimited
  • Environmental friendly and no toxic e-waste.
  • Sustainable, a bike is for life and not just for a few years.
  • Light weight and without a battery means you can take your bike anywhere.

Easy to install

Installing the superwheel is easier than installing an ebike kit. All you need to do is replace your back wheel with the Superwheel.
No Charging

No Batttery - No Electric Charging

You can go where ever you want for as far as you want.

E Bike Alternative at Lower Cost

Get the power and benefits of an E-Bike without the cost. The Superwheel is like level one pedal assist on an ebike.

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